Request for Quotation: Business Research & Insight (STHC-2020-Q02)

Ref STHC-2020-Q02
Expression of Interest closing date 20201009


St Helens Chamber is an award winning Membership and Business Support organisation, offering a wide range of services to local businesses to help them start up, grow, and contribute to the St Helens economy.

To help us continue to provide useful and relevant services to businesses, we want to commission an in-depth piece of research that will form the basis of a report that will influence decisions internally, locally and regionally on what services are likely to be needed by businesses today and in the years ahead, taking into account the current business landscape and economic conditions.


We are seeking the services of a supplier to conduct an in-depth market research project and produce a report to present the findings of the research to us.

The research should have a strong emphasis on gathering qualitative data, via either focus groups or telephone interviews, and not rely solely on surveys; however these can form part of the findings.

We have a number of customer groups we want to engage in the project, segmented by business sector and their relationship to the Chamber, for example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Business start-ups
  • Existing Members
  • Non-members (including both businesses who have never been a member and those who have resigned their Membership)

Through this research we want to establish:

  • Does the demand exist for the services we currently offer and how are these valued?
  • What challenges do businesses face and how could we help them meet these challenges?
  • Which sectors require our support the most / can we provide the most value to?

We would like this work to be carried out during October/ November, with the final findings report to be submitted to us by mid-November. The internal Chamber team can support the appointed supplier by making initial contact to request participation in the research and by providing contact information for businesses.

If you are interested in being considered for this project, please forward your proposal, explaining how you would undertake this work, your availability to meet our timescales and your proposed cost, by 9th October 2020.

Please direct any questions to