Request for Proposal – Improving Workforce Skills Training Delivery – UK Community Renewal Fund

Expression of Interest closing date 28/01/2022

Project Overview

St Helens Chamber, in partnership with St Helens Borough Council and Glass Futures, has been awarded funding of c. £619k via the UK Community Renewal Fund as the lead delivery partner, working in collaboration with named partners St Helens Borough Council and Glass Futures.

The ‘Clean, Green and Advanced Manufacturing Skills for the Future’ project aims to discover how best to ensure the local economy has the skills needed to create clean and green growth in St Helens and to further strengthen the advanced manufacturing sector.

Project Summary

The project aims to benefit the local economy by building on existing sector strengths in clean, green growth and advanced manufacturing, and addressing the skills gaps and shortages which are currently a barrier to productivity and growth for businesses in these sectors.

Working with local businesses to improve the skills of their workforce to be better able to deliver clean and green growth and to further strengthen our advanced manufacturing sector. Improving the skills of their management teams and technical staff to contribute to Net Zero principles, whilst growing their businesses and building on current local strengths in the advanced manufacturing and clean growth sectors.

Undertaking these activities will inform future longer-term projects in these growing sectors, giving us a better understanding of exactly what support businesses need, and how best to deliver the required skills training to the workforce and improve productivity.

Project Activities

  1. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Snapshot

Produce a snapshot report on the Borough of St Helens position with respect to achieving the UN SDG, and to identify St Helens’ furthest behind to prioritise future action through associated programmes.

  1. Improving Workforce Skills

Working together with businesses to improve the skills of their workforce to be better able to deliver clean green growth and to further strengthen our advanced manufacturing sector by:

  • Supporting firms to develop their own Net Zero implementation plans via blended learning through a series of 3 x half-day masterclasses and one-to-one bespoke advice.
  • Running a series of events and awareness sessions to promote Net Zero to the St Helens business community.
  • Signposting firms to additional support from other bodies, including ISO accreditation, product development, low carbon/circular economy solutions, and finance for investment into Net Zero related productivity improvements.
  • Assisting firms to access new market opportunities including, entering the supply chain for tendered products and services where the supply chain requires a Net Zero plan or accreditation.
  • Pilot a peer collaborative legacy group blending a series of masterclass sessions and networking to support achievement of Net Zero targets.
  1. Reporting and Monitoring

Preparation of a monthly project monitoring and progress report demonstrating achievement of project targets and outcomes.

Request for Proposal

St Helens Chamber are seeking to commission a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to design and deliver the Project Activities identified on behalf of St Helens Chamber and the project awarded by the UK Community Renewal Fund.

  1. Provide a background of your organisation.
  2. Detail all key personnel proposed for the delivery of this service and provide a profile of their experience.
  3. Describe your organisation’s previous experience of providing services similar to those required.
  4. Advise how you will ensure that services are delivered against agreed outcomes and timescales.
  5. Explain what sets your organisation apart from others and any innovative aspects offered.
  6. Please provide two recent written testimonials or case studies from existing clients for contracts of a similar size and nature.
  7. Please set out your proposed fixed fee (inclusive of VAT) for the two project components:
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Snapshot
  • Improving Workforce Skills
  1. Please complete and return the Supporting Information document with your Request for Proposal response.

Indicative Timetable

Issue of request for proposal (RFP) 10 January 2022
Clarification questions 21 January 2022
Submission deadline 28 January 2022
Assessment of request for proposal (RFP) 31 January – 04 February 2022
Award of request for proposal (RFP) 07 February 2022
Project initiation meeting 09 February 2022
Project close 30 June 2022


Clarification questions and Request for Proposals should be issued for the attention of Rachel Willacy, Head of Business Services to:

UK Community Renewal Fund

The UK Community Renewal Fund is a UK Government programme for 2021/22.

This aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches to prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. It invests in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment.

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