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Ref STHC-2017-Q01
Expression of Interest closing date 20171201

Request for Quotation for Photovoltaics –  St Helens Chamber Digital Hub



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Background Information

4-6 Hardshaw Street forms part of a handsome row of three storey Victorian shops. It is 7 bays wide and of red brick construction with decorative stone detailing and a projecting cornices to the first floor. There are sliding sash windows to the first floor with an additional attic floor housed within a mansard roof. The shopfront to 4-6 Hardshaw Street is a late 20th century addition in set out and design with a grey ‘granite’ cladding finish.

The building is being updated and refurbished and this includes fitting photovoltaics.

It is located in the pedestrianised area of St Helens, and is within a Conservation Area. There is limited vehicle access to the building so all quotes should include parking permits, agreement for skips if required, all available from St Helens Council.  The roof will be refurbished prior to installation, and scaffolding will be provided by the roofing contractor.  The selected tenderer will be expected to work closely with the roofing contractor.  A building elevation plan has been attached as part of the quotation.

Scope of Works

  • The design, supply, installation, setting to work and commissioning of complete system. The system should be fixed to the rear roofing elevation and be approximately 6.5kWp. Quotations should include solar calculations.
  • All work is to be carried out by suitably qualified personnel and all equipment is to be installed as per the recommendations and specification of the manufacturer.
  • Please state the quality and duration of warranties and guarantee on equipment and system.
  • Please state if you are MCS registered.
  • Please describe how the panels will be fixed to the roof.
  • Please state who will be installing the Photovoltaics
  • Please detail of timescales for installation.

Evaluation Criteria & Weightings

Evaluation Criteria Max Score


1 Overall Cost / Value For Money 50
2 Previous Experience of Photovoltaic Projects 20
4 Proven Successful Health & Safety track record 20
5 Tenders base location relative to St Helens 10
Maximum Total Score 100

The Chamber reserves the right to take into account any other relevant considerations that, in its absolute discretion, it may deem are appropriate.

Please return your quote by the 1st December 2017