Marketing Consultancy for Overseas Growth – Cheshire

Ref GH51113
Expression of Interest closing date 20190708

Marketing Consultancy for Overseas Growth – Cheshire

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Business Name: Molmart Ltd

Reference Code: GH51113

Description of services required:

The issues with entering the Gulf region as a new business are as follows:

  1. having direct access to local doctors/clinics and finding out who the decision makes are in each institution.
  2. gathering information on the existing market for premarital genetic screening and who our competitors are.
  3. gauging our pricing vs. our competitors. Advising on what would be an appropriate pricing structure
  4. identifying key customers and meeting with them
  5. following the correct process of doing business in the region.

Therefore, we require external support to help us fill the knowledge gaps, conduct market research and help arrange the first crucial meetings with KOLs in the region.

We are looking to work with a Marketing Consultancy company that specialises in assisting businesses wishing to enter the Gulf Region. It is essential that the company has an excellent understanding of how the local market works in terms of medical practice, ethics and market economics. We would like the consultancy to help us achieve the following key stages:

  1. We are looking to engage with Key opinion leaders (KOLs) operating in the Gulf Region (and in particular UAE and KSA) in the area of Premarital Genetic Screening and/or PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). These individuals will most likely be operating in Fertility clinics or IVF clinics. Upon completion of this piece of work, our aim is to travel to the region and meet key individuals in face to face meetings.

We want to answer the following:

  • If KOLs are currently not using a premarital genetic test, what benefits would they see from a comprehensive premarital genetic test that screens the couple for all known genetic disorders? What expectations would they have in terms of cost and TAT.
  • If a competitor test is being used: who is the competitor, have the users identified any gaps in the existing service, what is the cost of the competitor test they are currently using and the TAT
  1. From these KOLs, we are looking to identify ones that would like to collaborate with MolMart to introduce our premarital screen to their service and identify genetic mutations particular to the region.

We can discuss the specifics of how this could work with them face-to-face: at this stage, the test has been validated and proof of concept has been demonstrated.

  1. Identify the key individuals that we should be contacting both as technical buyers (the people that will be using the test in their clinic) and decision makers/economic buyers. Obtain contact details for these individuals and assist in setting up meetings with the relevant individuals.
  2. Identify the size of the existing market.
  3. Identify whether insurance would cover all or part of the Premarital genetic screen for locals and expats.
  4. Identify the legal requirements of MolMart to enable it to trade in the UAE/KSA.

Closing Date: 5pm Monday 8th July 2019

GH28 Client Specification – Molmart Ltd V1.1

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund