Lift Servicing and Maintenance Services – Halton Council

Ref DN426358
Expression of Interest closing date 20190902

Lift Servicing and Maintenance Services – Halton Council

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Title:  Lift Servicing and Maintenance Services covering Full Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance and Related Procedures

Description:  This Contract is for preventative and fully comprehensive maintenance services on Lift installations situated at various sites across the borough of Halton

The closing date for questions is at 3.00pm on 27th August 2019.   All questions must be raised via the messages facility on The Chest.

The closing date for submission is at 3.00pm on 2nd September 2019.

Estimated contract dates

Start date:  01/12/2019
End date:  30/11/2021

Buyer:  Halton Borough Council
Contact:  Vicky Tiernan
Address:  Kingsway House, Widnes WA8 7EA