Invitation to Tender – St Helens Chamber – Replacement Lift, Digital Hub

Ref 2018/05
Expression of Interest closing date 20180305

Invitation to Tender – St Helens Chamber – Replacement Lift, Digital Hub

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Specification and Scope 

St Helens Chamber requires Contractors to undertake Lift Replacement at the following address:

St Helens Chamber, Digital Hub, 4 – 6 Hardshaw Street, St Helens WA10 1RE

To replace lift utilising the current shaft size and location. Current lift capacity 150Kg, 4 stops basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor.

The Chamber has appointed a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor. The successful contractor will be expected to work with them.

Our chosen provider must be able to provide all services listed.

1.  Replace lift, to achieve value for money, improve reliability also if possible increase capacity of people and weight restriction.

2.  Ensure that all waste materials are disposed of correctly.

3.  The Digital Hub is located in a Pedestrian Area so vehicle access is limited. Arrangements will need to be made with St Helens Council and parking permits paid for.

4.  Provide adequate protection to the lift on completion of work while the rest of the building undertakes a refit.

5.  Where and to the extent that materials, products and workmanship are not fully specified they are to be:

Suitable for the purposes of the works stated therein or reasonably to be inferred from the contract documents and in accordance with good buildings practice including the relevant provisions of current British Standards (BS) and Codes of Practice (CP) but any reference herein to British Standard (BS) or British Codes of Practice (CP) shall be deemed to also refer to Euro standards or other similar national standards of other European Community member states provided that they meet their British equivalents.

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Tender Timetable

Deadline for submission of questions:  17:00  26/02/2018
Questions answered by St Helens Chamber: 27/02/2018
Site Visit:  16/02/2018
Return of Tender submission: 17:00 05/03/2018

It is the Chamber’s intention to award the contract by 9th March 2018

You are required to return one original hardcopy proposal, one electronic version (on disc or memory stick) clearly marked as such. Tenders must be returned using the enclosed return label and in accordance with the ‘Instructions to Tenderers’ (in particular point 6), to:

Gillian Warburton – Facilities Manager
St Helens Chamber Ltd.
Salisbury Street,
Off Chalon Way
St Helens  WA10 1FY

This procurement process will be managed by Gillian Warburton, where any queries should be directed in the first instance:  email

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