Invitation to Tender Renewable Energy Sector Collaborative Portal Hosting – Warrington

Ref FEP008
Expression of Interest closing date 20171107

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Valuechain has been in the process of launching a new portal for the Advanced Propulsion Centre. This portal is centred around engaging the supply chain for electric and hybrid vehicles. This will help with the rapidly growing requirements in the sector, to transition away from fossil fuels and produce low carbon alternatives.

From the original launch at the Low Carbon Vehicle event in September 2017, more than 250 companies have registered onto the portal. To scale up this portal and extend the reach outside of the UK, the infrastructure of the portal needs to be migrated to a full cloud solution.

The current Valuechain portal is running as a working demonstrator solution however it requires specialist software development to ensure the portal is fully robust and ready to be utilised by thousands of organisations working in low carbon vehicle supply chains. The current infrastructure has finite power, capacity and a single hosting location. Microsoft Azure has been identified as the best solution to migrate to, primarily due to the fact that the product is built on a Microsoft stack (WISA).

Moving to Microsoft Azure will allow the product to:

• have variable power and capacity to smooth demand and maintain constant performance
• improve delivery around the world by using the Azure network localised datacentres
• allow compliance to other security requirements where data cannot leave the country
Migrating to Azure has many steps that require expert guidance. The initial steps are to identify which Microsoft Azure services are correct for the product.
Once the right services have been identified, the migration then needs to be planned, completed and then tested.
The main part of this is the planning stage, which looks at the current design and architecture of the product. This identifies aspects of the current design that need to be changed, in order for the product to function as designed.
Valuechain are looking for a specialist technology consultancy business to evaluate the requirements and plan the migration. Any development changes that are required, would be identified and designed and developed by the consultants.
Deliverable Timescale
14th November 2017 – 31st December 2017
Indicative Budget
Evaluation Criteria
Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:
▪ Quality/Technical Merit (40%)
▪ Design and Functional Characteristics (20%)
▪ Delivery Timescale (15%)
▪ Cost/Value for Money (25%)
Scoring Methodology
4 Excellent Proposal meets and in some places, exceeds the required standard
3 Good Proposal meets required standard
2 Acceptable Proposal meets the required standard in most respects, but is lacking or inconsistent in others
1 Poor Proposal falls short of expected standard 0 Unacceptable Completely or significantly fails to meet required standard or does not provide the relevant answer
Proposal Format
Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.
Deadline and Submission
Proposals are required by 12.00 on 7th November 2017 either electronically or by post/in person to Tom Dawes, Innovation Centre, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Warrington WA4 4FS
Date Published
Date the ITT is made public: 23/10/2017