Invitation to Tender – PV System Support – Liverpool

Ref FEP001
Expression of Interest closing date 20170915

Invitation to Tender – PV System Support – Liverpool

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This work is part funded though the European Regional Development Fund.

Background Mole Group was established is the 1980s as a no-dig cable and pipe installation company. Mole Engineering was one of the very first companies in the UK to adopt new ‘Moling’ technology to install underground pipes and services without trench-digging. Their offer has now expanded into directional drilling and they now have five directional drilling rigs.

The business has 3 divisions:

• Mole Utilities – commercial directional drilling
• Mole Home Services – domestic division of specialist no-dig water pipe replacement and mole designed garden drainage systems
• Green Mole – supply and installation of innovative Smartflower PV and Electric Vehicle Charging points, which both require no-dig cable installations.

Quotation Requirement

Mole Group have secured the UK rights to the SmartFlower range of all-in-one solar systems, which are a unique and versatile alternative to rooftop installations, which can provide up to 40% more output than traditional panels.

In order for the Mole Group to take full advantage of this opportunity to revolutionise the UK solar/PV market they are looking for consultancy support to:

1. Build the capability and knowledge of solar tracking PV systems within the Mole Group existing staff team.
2. Assist and advise on installation techniques of solar tracking PV systems.
3. Troubleshoot early adopted technology, to minimise risk and maximise performance.
4. Develop the methodology and processes to account for geographical/locational factors for PV.

Deliverable Timescale – Latest time and date for receipt of quotations: 15th September 2017 at 5pm

Award of contract 22nd September 2017

All quotations should be either be emailed to or delivered to the address below and received no later than 5pm Friday 15th September 2017.

Indicative Budget – There is a maximum budget of £20,000 has been set aside for this project.

Proposal Format – Proposals should clearly demonstrate how they meet the requirement set out above.

The should be submitted in the following format:

– 2 hard copy submissions
– 1 digital submission PC on USB stick
– Office word
– Format to follow quotation requirements sections

Deadline and Submission – Proposals are required by Friday 15th September 2017 at 5pm either electronically or by post/in person to Mole, 9 Tarran Way South, Moreton, CH46 4TP