Invitation to Tender – Marketing Consultancy Support – Liverpool

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Expression of Interest closing date 20171029

Invitation to Tender – Marketing Consultancy Support – Liverpool

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This work is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund.


Red Ninja is an IT company that focusses on developing Smart City technology, Big Data and the Internet of Things. We are a high growth company, in the last three years our turnover has increased 1100% and we have grown to a team of 15 members. We have recently begun trading abroad, working within countries such as the USA, India and Spain.

Our customers include the NHS, Ferrovial, Scottish Power, the Welsh Government, as well as local authorities and universities in the UK. We are also leading several Innovate UK part funded project, once of which is working towards reducing the response times of ambulances to enable people who have had a heart attack or stroke to get to A&E within 5 minutes in an ambulance to increase the likelihood of saving their lives.

One of our innovative products is an open data dashboard designed to improve energy resource management with particular applicability to the renewable energy sector. This tool has been built to address the influx of new housing applications that are received daily, with a need to consider how the infrastructure of energy suppliers will be affected, and how they will distribute power to both remote and well built up areas. The tool also pulls any important information out of a planning application, so that energy companies can see data such as the number of rooms in a development easily, and use their own resourcing programs to plan their actions.

Our skills are in computer programming, data science, electrical engineering, design and industrial design.

Requirements: To secure specialist advisory services to achieve the following:-

● Developing the company’s online and offline channels with an aim of attracting potential customers within the Energy Sector with particular emphasis on the Renewable Energy sub-sector.
● Developing points of contact within the Energy Sector with particular emphasis on the Renewable Energy sub-sector.
● Online: Advice relating to the identification of appropriate websites (potential customers – trade press etc), social media contacts, email addresses, brokering of interviews, presentations, approach to communications with potential renewable energy customers.
● Offline: Advice relating to identification and recommendation of appropriate workshops, events, remote & direct participation in exhibitions, allowing Red Ninja to consider participation to secure further expansion of the customer/opportunity pipeline.
● Specialist advice on website redesign for the renewable energy product line leading to
● The redesigning our current website so that it can better suit the target audience with specific focus on the Renewable Energy sector.
● New digital concept development.
● New digital design development & coding.
● Production of new content related to the energy market with specific emphasis on the renewable energy sub sector.
● Social Media Management : Specialist advice leading to :- ● Development of a new strategy for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube according to what will gain interest from companies in the energy sector.
● Content development (such as text, design & video).
● Developing a full set of project specific marketing materials (such as videos, leaflets & branded items).
● Video Production : Specialist Advice leading to :-
● Production of project-specific promotional video.
● Creation of a case study.
● Design: Specialist Advice leading to :-
● Infographics
● Promotional video
● Photography production
● Branded items & leaflets
● Exploring new markets in the Renewable Energy sector so that we can better accommodate to the needs of companies within this supply chain :

Specialist Advice Leading to:

● Offline channels:
Remote & direct participation in Renewable Energy exhibitions, events, workshops in the UK and abroad.
● Market analysis of energy sector: ▪
SWOT analysis with focus on opportunities for the company.
▪ New international markets analysis.
▪ ROMI & establishing a KPIs framework.

Deliverable​ ​Timescale The timescales of this project will be between November 1st 2017 and December 31st 2018 for a total of fourteen months.

The project will be split into the following fourteen milestones:
● Research analysing new international markets – Scope & analysis (due 30th November 2017) – £4,500

● Website redesign – Initial design (due 31st December 2017) – £2,125
● Website redesign – Final design (31st January 2018) – £2,125
● Research analysing new international markets – Completion of research (due 28th February 2018) – £5,000
● Market research relating to SWOT analysis completed (due 31st March 2018) – £2,125
● Website redesign – Launch (due 30th April 2018) – £2,125
● Brand strategy document produced (due 31st May 2018) – £2,125
● Social media campaign – Strategic Plan (due 30th June 2018) – £2,125
● Social media campaign activated (due 31st July 2018) – £2,125
● Videos produced and edited (due 31st August 2018) – £2,125
● Detailed case study produced (due 30th September 2018) – £2,125
● Professional photos produced (due 31st October 2018) – £2,125
● Digital campaign on social media and search engines activated (due 30th November 2018) – £2,125
● Marketing collaterals printed and distributed to target audience (due 31st December 2018) – £2,125

Indicative​ ​Budget The amount that has been budgeted for this work will not exceed £35,000 (exclusive of VAT). Suppliers must note that Red Ninja will not make any further payments for completion of work beyond this amount.

Evaluation​ ​Criteria Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:

● Quality​ ​(40%) Is the service fit for purpose? What is the expected quality of the service provided? Does the supplier have a proper understanding of the technical requirements involved, and an understanding of the main purpose of the outputs?
● Marketing​ ​Ability​ ​(30%) What level of marketing skills does the supplier have? Has their ability been evidenced by a proven track record? Case studies will need to have been provided to show that they have completed this type of work before. Will the supplier be able to meet the requirements of the project?
● Delivery​ ​Timescale​ ​(15%) Can the supplier meet the timelines/deadline?
● Cost/Value​ ​for​ ​Money​ ​(15%) Is the price good value for money? This is not necessarily the cheapest option

Proposal​ ​Format Proposals should be set out in four separate sections, with the following requirements for each:

Section 1: Quality of technical solution being offered.
Section 2: Approach to design and functions of the outputted work.
Section 3: Functions of the outputted work, explanation of delivery timescales and resource allocation proving the capacity to deliver.

This will need to be in the format of a Gantt Chart, a project plan in overview, a listing of resources with Pen picture and a track record of delivery of allocated resources via documented case studies.

Section 4: Pricing & optional extras, and terms of payment. Please note that any optional extras will need to be within the ceiling budget of £35,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Deadline​ ​and​ ​Submission The tender will be officially published on 16/10/2017 which will be the start date of the tender application period. The tender application period will be open for a period of two weeks (ten working days) with an end date of 29/10/2017. Tenders will need to be supplied either electronically via PDF format to, or via sealed brown envelope to be posted to:

FAO: Marketing Consultancy Support Tender Red Ninja Ltd Liverpool Science Park – IC1 131 Mount Pleasant Liverpool L3 5TF The tender reference number will need to be quoted in either the email subject or on the envelope.