Invitation to Quote: Associate Support for New to Market and New to Firm Development

Ref MancGrowthHub
Expression of Interest closing date 20180406

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Digital Innovation Team 

The aim of this quotation is to appoint a provider(s) for the following activity/service:

  • App Development, Digital Development/Digital Agency
  • CAD, Proto-typing & 3D printing
  • Marketing & Branding Support
  • Telemarketing Support
  • Data Software Engineer
  • Content Writer

It is expected that the successful associate(s)/provider will carry out, as a minimum:

  • Client acquisition of a portfolio of businesses meeting the criteria described in the quotation document;
  • One-to-one diagnostic and action planning meetings in their specialist skill area;
  • Deliver a minimum of 6 hours support (‘assist’) to each client to enable the successful development of the new product to market or new product to firm.

Project duration is expected to run for a 26-week period from mid-April to October 2018.

The total spend of this procurement will not exceed £25,000 (excl. VAT)  and the maximum spend on any one lot will not exceed £10,000 (excl. VAT).

Closing date:  13:00 pm on the Friday 6th April 2018.

Documents can be downloaded below:-

Part 1: Invitation to Quote

Part 2: Quotation Form

Draft Terms and Conditions