Invitation to Quote: Apprenticeships (Liverpool) Microsite

Expression of Interest closing date 20190517


St Helens Chamber wishes to appoint a website developer who can design and build a micro site (using WordPress as a CRM) to complement our current site ( to promote our Apprenticeship services to a Liverpool centric market.

We are seeking a provider with a forward thinking attitude and a flair for creative solutions who can create a microsite which will help increase traffic and awareness of our Apprenticeship services in Liverpool.

The site should be a valuable marketing tool for our in-house marketing team to generate leads for our training team and should be strongly optimised to increase organic search traffic so as many leads as possible from the Chamber’s target audience in Liverpool can be captured. We will require traffic and leads captured by forms on the site to be trackable using Google Analytics.

We also require 12 months hosting and site maintenance.

Site Structure

The site should include two sections, targeting two separate audiences:


The Chamber provides businesses in Liverpool with apprenticeship training for their existing staff and offers an apprentice recruitment service; by advertising vacancies to young people across the city region and shortlisting suitable applicants and advising on funding. The business section would need to be optimised for businesses looking to develop their existing workforce or recruit apprentices in Liverpool, and have a suitable page template to provide information on the range of apprenticeship programmes available.

2. Apprentices 

The Chamber advertises our Fast-Track to Apprenticeships courses and current apprenticeship vacancies within local businesses who we are supporting, to young people aged 16-24 in Liverpool and supports them with securing an Apprenticeship.

This section should be optimised for young people in Liverpool looking for an Apprenticeship role, and have a suitable page template to host details of current apprenticeship vacancies. An API is available from our CRM provider which is in use for this purpose on our main site using this would be preferable to manual entry via the CMS.


Our maximum budget for this build project is £2500 +vat; hosting and support to be quoted for separately.


It is the Chamber’s intention to award the contract by 7th June 2019.

Invitation to quote published: 3/5/19

Closing date for proposals: 17/5/19

Shortlisted suppliers invited to presentations: 24/5/19

Presentations from shortlisted suppliers: w/c 3/6/19

Contract award: 7/6/19

Evaluation of Proposals

The evaluation criteria for tenders will be as follows:

  1. Evidence of creative thinking and understanding of the site’s role in a marketing strategy 30%
  2. Cost and Value for money offered 30%
  3. Resource Management and personnel 30%
  4. Chamber Membership 10%

Subsequently contract award will be based on presentation.

Note: The Chamber is not bound to accept the lowest priced (or indeed any) Tender, and reserves the right to accept all or any part of a Tender.

The Chamber reserves the right to take into account any other relevant considerations that in its absolute discretion it may deem are appropriate.

Instructions for Interested Parties

Your proposal should:

  • Be fully costed, including hosting prices, maintenance prices, and hourly rates for ongoing developments.
  • Demonstrate your ability to provide creative website solutions as part of a digital marketing strategy.
  • Highlight your organisation’s previous experience of providing services similar to those required by the Chamber.
  • Provide information on your internal resource, personnel and resource that you propose dedicating to our site, including use of subcontractors.
  • Detail proposed hosting arrangements, specifically around reliability.
  • Outline options for an ongoing maintenance contract and what is included in this.
  • Confirm your ability to meet the proposed timing schedule.
  • Provide the address from which you intend to provide these services.

Please submit your proposal to no later than 5pm on 17th May. Proposals received after this date will not be considered.