Impact Factor Research

Ref DN603419
Expression of Interest closing date 06/04/2022

Liverpool City Council seeks to appoint a supplier to research into the Visitor Satisfaction, Social & Economic Impact of the 2022 events programme. Working alongside Culture Liverpool, the ambition is to utilise various data collection methods such as direct fieldwork and online surveys to gauge public perception. The work will conclude with the production of a ‘Global Report’, pertaining to the studies collected from the research, submitted by the end of 2022.


Region(s) of supply: Liverpool

Estimated contract dates:
Start date- 19/04/2022
End date- 30/12/2022

Expression of interest window:
From 28/03/2022 15:21 to 06/04/2022 12:00


Buyer: Liverpool City Council
Contact: Joseph Lynam
Telephone: 0151 233 0589
Address: Cunard Building
L3 1DS
United Kingdom