DN585096 – Building Safety Improvement Works – Contractor Framework – Sprinklers, Alarms, Passive Fire

Ref DN585096
Expression of Interest closing date 17/02/2022

The Guinness Partnership Ltd. (Guinness) is conducting a procurement process to appoint a framework of contractors to deliver building safety improvements.

Guinness has an existing portfolio of properties which require a range of building safety improvement works to be undertaken over the next 4-5 years. We are conducting this process to appoint a framework of contractors to deliver these works.

Guinness also intends to make this framework available to other public bodies and authorities where they intend to undertake programmes of a similar nature.

The framework will run for 4 years, and contracts may be awarded for work at any time during this period. The programme of work may run for longer than this and call-off contracts awarded under the framework may run past the end of its 4 year term.

The framework will be separated into 8 lots – 3 disciplines (4 including multi-disciplinary), split across 2 geographic regions as follows:

Lot No Region Workstreams(s)
Lot 1 North Multi-Disciplinary
Lot 2 South-East

& South-West

Lot 3 North Sprinklers
Lot 4 South-East Sprinklers
Lot 5 North Fire Alarms
Lot 6 South-East Fire Alarms
Lot 7 North Passive Fire
Lot 8 South-East Passive Fire

* The multi-disciplinary lot in the South of England will also require contractors to cover the South-West.

A fully defined programme and requirements for individual schemes is in the process of being developed and we have shared our current identified position in the tender pack. Contractors being invited through to ITT stage will be required to provide prices via a schedule of rates which will form the basis of award and pricing for direct award contracts, and ceiling prices for mini-competitions.

The outline programme currently identified by Guinness for these works currently includes c.180 buildings. This will form the basis of the programme although as stated, other organisations may also access the framework, provided that sufficient capacity remains within the advertised framework value limits.

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was issued in March 2021 via the Find a Tender Service for the future contract opportunity under reference 2021/S 000-005444. This was not a call for competition, but was a request for potential contractors to express interest in bidding for work. Guinness will ensure that tenderers in this process have exactly the same information as was provided to any contractors who responded to the PIN to maintain fairness.


Region(s) of supply: North West (England), South East (England), East Midlands (England), North East (England), East of England, London, Yorkshire and the Humber, South West (England), West Midlands (England)

Estimated contract dates:
Start date- 01/10/2022
End date- 30/09/2026

Expression of interest dates:
From 14/01/2022 12:00 to 17/02/2022 23:30


Buyer: The Guinness Partnership Ltd
Contact: Dennis Viljoen
Email: dennis.viljoen@guinness.org.uk
Telephone: 0303 123 1890
Address: 30 Brock Street
Greater London
United Kingdom