Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy, Website Enhancement & CRM Integration

Ref GH51100
Expression of Interest closing date 20181218

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultancy, Website Enhancement & CRM Integration 

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Description of services required:

With an established ‘British fashion brand’ following, strong UK and US B2C (and growing UK and US B2B) customer base, credibility in domestic and international sales, distribution and customer order fulfilment and significantly growing sales volumes; we now need to accelerate our B2B volumes via UK and US wholesalers, stockists and retail fashion chains to further enhance sales volumes, increase purchasing power and improve profit margins.  This requires that we:

1. Accelerate B2B Market Penetration – Whilst we have significant business-to-consumer fashion brand development experience, we now require input from a strategic B2B marketing consultant to assist with refinement of our current B2B digital sales / marketing strategy and, implementation plan.

The order volumes associated with B2B expansion will in-turn, place significant demands on our existing IT systems and processes – and will therefore require us to:

2. Enhancement of E-commerce and CRM IT Platform – To maintain the quality of our exceptional customer service – from which we see significant repeat purchase revenues – we now need to invest-in our website and CRM platform to more efficiently process higher volume orders – and better target B2B promotions.

In addition, the e-commerce platform needs to be capable of support US federal tax code for purchase transactions.

This migration / or functionality development will not only support our further expansion into the UK and US B2B sales channels but subsequently, also to support our expansion into the Chinese B2B marketplace.

Submission Deadline: 5pm on Tuesday 18th December 2018

This project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund