DfE Registered Alternative Education Provision Flexible Purchasing System (FPS)

Ref DN555486
Expression of Interest closing date 31/12/2022

The aim of the project is to create a Flexible Purchasing System (FPS) and identify Providers who can deliver excellent alternative provision for the education of pupils at key stage 3, 4 and 5 by offering a flexible response to those not placed in a mainstream or special school.

Registered schools within the Liverpool City Region may apply at any time, the Applications they submit will only be assessed and added to the FPS at 3 periods during each academic year.

The objectives of provision are:

  • To provide pupils with a rigorous and high-quality alternative to a mainstream curriculum
  • To offer children and young people who have not previously succeeded in the mainstream system a creative and engaging opportunity to re-join the world of education
  • To support and raise the attainment of all pupils to ensure that they achieve at the highest level possible
  • To raise the aspiration of all pupils
  • To work towards successful transition to post-16 education, employment, or training
  • Provide a tailored education programme for each young person and personal guidance and support
  • Offer pupils the opportunity for formal accreditation in several subject areas
  • Offer access in the wider curriculum to a range of enrichment activities e.g. arts, sports, PSHE, work-related learning

The services will be split into the following Lots:

Lot 1 – Alternative education

Lot 2 – Alternative education – online learning

Lot 3 – Alternative Education Provision for Pupils with an EHCP

Lot 3A – Alternative Education Provision for Pupils with an EHCP delivered online

Lot 4 – Additional Support Services

Region(s) of supply


Estimated contract dates

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End date


Current Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) round information

End date

31/12/2022 16:00:00

Expression of interest window

From 12/04/2022 10:30 to 31/12/2022 16:00

Contact details


Liverpool City Council


Gill Astill




0151 233 0591


4th Floor, Cunard Building



L3 1DS

United Kingdom