Contract for an Integrated Wellbeing Service – St Helens Council

Ref DN366891
Expression of Interest closing date 20181109

Contract for an Integrated Wellbeing Service – St Helens Council

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St Helens Council wants to commission an Integrated Wellbeing Service. The Integrated Wellbeing service will require integration of the following and then development of a new model to meet the requirements of the specification:

1. Smoking cessation Service (all age)
2. Specialist Weight Management Service (all age)
3. Healthy Living Services which includes the following:

– Health Trainers – Exercise Referral – Breastfeeding – Infant Feeding – Mental Wellbeing – Oral Health – Community Activity & Health Walks – Fit

4. All (Community & Schools) – Food Workers – Volunteering – Long Term Conditions programme.

Providers are invited to register and review the documentation on The-Chest and submit tenders no later than 9th November 2018 @ 12 noon

Please note the Council will only respond to enquiries made via the messaging facility on The-Chest. Deadline for enquiries is 29th October 2018 @ 12 noon

Estimated Contract Dates:  Start date 01/04/2019    End date  31/03/2024

Buyer:  St Helens Council
Contact: Peter Smith
Telephone:  01744 676784

Address:  St Helens Council, St Helens WA10 1HF