Carbon reduction works at Brockhole Lodge Office

Ref DN639166
Expression of Interest closing date 18/11/2022

Introduction and background to the project You are invited to submit a tender for carbon reduction measures at the Lodge Office (Thirlmere building) at our National Park Visitor Centre at Brockhole. Brockhole is the Lake District National Park Authority Visitor Centre, located between Windermere and Ambleside. It consists of a formal house and gardens and also has a lodge complex, one element of which is used as an office by LDNPA staff. As part of our net zero programme we wish to undertake works to maximise energy efficiency, minimise energy consumption and also refurbish the toilets of this building. The building is single storey of approximately 130m2 footprint with a pitched slate roof, and of solid rubble wall construction with render facing. The internal space is divided into a main office, a lobby/corridor and male/female/disabled toilets. Heating of the majority of the building is currently via an oil boiler and radiators. Hot water is via a single central calorifier. The date of the contract is from 2nd January to 31st March 2023. Tender objective Towards the objective of minimising the carbon footprint of this site by maximising energy efficiency and minimising energy consumption, and also improving the toilets, we invite contractors to submit tenders for the following components: 1. Installation of an air source heat pump to replace the heating currently provided by the oil boiler, upgrade to DHW heaters and extractor fans; 2. Installation of internal insulation to external walls; 3. Replacement of doors and windows with double-glazed / better-insulated equivalents (like-for-like); 4. Refurbishment of toilets; 5. Upgrade of lighting to LED. You may tender for all of the above or any combination of components 1-5. The contractor will be expected to submit a fixed fee proposal for the design and installation of the relevant component(s) and have the capacity to deliver the contract between 2nd January and 31st March 2023. Planning approval may be required for component 1; this process is underway. The LDNPA has a limited budget and is looking for a completive bid which can demonstrate good value for money, while providing quality work which minimises environmental impact and maximises carbon savings. A weighted evaluation will be made on tender returns will be based 50% on cost and 50% on quality of the proposed solution (as detailed in this document).

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North West (England)

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From 21/10/2022 10:00 to 18/11/2022 12:00

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