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Ref Impact Housing
Expression of Interest closing date 20171010

Open opportunity – This means that the contract is currently unfulfilled but active, and the buying department is looking for potential suppliers to contact them with bid applications.

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Contract summary

Industry:  Construction and Real Estate
Location of contract:  North West
Value of contract: £60k – £85k
Published date:  22 September 2017
Closing date:  10 October 2017
Contract start date:  06 November 2017
Contract end date:  31 January 2018


The Client wishes to commission a suitably qualified and experienced Chartered Building Surveying Consultancy to carry out stock condition surveys of its housing stock.

The surveys will be used to develop an up to date and comprehensive asset register to inform the Client’s strategic asset management making decisions, its thirty-year business plan, its planned maintenance programmes and to determine its levels of sinking fund contributions.

The Consultant will be expected to provide their own software and surveying devices to undertake a range of structured surveys comprising flat/maisonette, house/bungalow, block and scheme surveys.  The anticipated volume of survey work will be to circa 1,100 targeted properties, with the Consultant being responsible to create clones for a further circa 1,670 properties.  The Consultant will be expected to provide the completed survey data in various formats, including a CSV file for the interfacing with the Client’s Open Housing System. The Client may also wish to have direct access and use the Consultant’s software system, with consultant expected to provide licencing costs and appropriate training.

About the Buyer:

Contact name:  Anne-Marie Willmott
Address:  Nook Street, Workington, Cumbria  CA14 4EH
Telephone:  0344 8736290


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