Approved list of Contractors for Barnsley MBC construction works

Ref PP504
Expression of Interest closing date 20180131

Buyer:  Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Title:  Approved list of Contractors for Barnsley MBC construction works in selected categories
Project: Approved list of Contractors for Barnsley MBC construction works in selected categories.
Ref.: PP 504
Contract Start: September 2013
Contract Completion: August 2018

Description of Works:

Applications are invited from contractors who wish to be included on Barnsley MBC list of approved contractors for construction related work up to the value of £100,000, in the specific categories of work listed at the bottom of this page.

The approved list is a list of contractors who have been assessed to meet the Council’s standards for technical capability, financial standing, equality, environmental and health and safety. The approved list will remain open to new applicants until it closes, but the last date for receipt of applications is January 2018.

If you wish to apply to join this list, complete the application form and relevant documentation, which is attached to this scheme and upload your completed form. Additional supporting documentation comprising insurances, SSIP and other certification should be uploaded at the same time.

The questionnaire and the guidance/scoring document are both available to download form the site.

Inclusion on the approved list does not constitute or imply an agreement or guarantee regarding any tender opportunities, any contract or any other form of agreement.


This scheme will be tendered electronically through the YORtender System. Applicants must register their company at . Applicants will then need to register their interest against this procurement exercise. To pre-qualify Applicants will need to submit a completed questionnaire via YORtender.

The above information/relevant details include:

1. Applicants are to provide a list of projects, as defined in the selection questionnaire, to demonstrate their experience in carrying out works of similar projects. This must include, as a minimum, completion date, value, description of the works, contract period, form of contract and client contact details.

NOTE: References are required to be provided by the contacts listed for your experience, and must be received directly from the companies providing them. The return email for these references is

Applicants not providing any of the requested information will not proceed any further.


Newly formed companies are required to provide evidence of their capabilities and demonstrate its ability to deliver similar projects in the categories applied for. For newly formed or diversifying organisations this can be via the past experience of key personnel. Your application should include method statements, C.V’s for staff employed demonstrating the capabilities and competencies of the company in this area.

2 Applicants should also note that registration with a Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) constituent body (such as CHAS), or equivalent is mandatory for all projects involving contractors/suppliers working on Council premises and/or contractors working on the Council’s behalf.

Applicants are required to provide certificates/evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme, including the additional categories:

Where your organisation is registered under SSIP but not registered for the additional category of Principal Contractor you must provide evidence/details of your ability/technical competence, experience and track record by submitting project information / Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans / client contact information and the like evidence where such roles have been undertaken.

Evidence of current CHAS registration in any of the above categories is sufficient to demonstrate competency.

If applicants cannot provide certificates/evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme and evidence for the required category stated above their application will fail.

In the event that Design, Demolition or Works to Highways/Public Footpaths categories are required evidence of registration under SSIP or equivalent approved scheme will be a requirement of the tender documentation.

PO BOX 634

FAO. Mrs Karen Headen TELEPHONE 01226 774395


Contact:  Ms Karen Headen
Email Address:
Telephone: 01226 774395
Address: Gateway Plaza, Off Sackville Street, Barnsley S70 2RD


31625000 – Burglar and fire alarms
31625100 – Fire-detection systems
31625200 – Fire-alarm systems
35111300 – Fire extinguishers
39191000 – Paper- or paperboard-based wall coverings
39191100 – Wallpaper
39192000 – Textile wall coverings
39193000 – Paper- or paperboard-based floor coverings
44115500 – Sprinkler systems
45000000 – Construction work
45111200 – Site preparation and clearance work
45111230 – Ground-stabilisation work
45111240 – Ground-drainage work
45111250 – Ground investigation work
45211000 – Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
45211100 – Construction work for houses
45212212 – Construction work for swimming pool
45212290 – Repair and maintenance work in connection with sports facilities
45232141 – Heating works
45232450 – Drainage construction works
45232451 – Drainage and surface works
45232452 – Drainage works
45232453 – Drains construction work
45252120 – Water-treatment plant construction work
45252126 – Drinking-water treatment plant construction work
45261211 – Roof-tiling work
45261212 – Roof-slating work
45261213 – Metal roof-covering work
45261214 – Bituminous roof-covering work
45262000 – Special trade construction works other than roof works
45262300 – Concrete work
45262330 – Concrete repair work
45262400 – Structural steel erection work
45310000 – Electrical installation work
45313000 – Lift and escalator installation work
45320000 – Insulation work
45330000 – Plumbing and sanitary works
45331000 – Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work
45340000 – Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
45342000 – Erection of fencing
45343200 – Firefighting equipment installation work
45343220 – Fire-extinguishers installation work
45350000 – Mechanical installations
45420000 – Joinery and carpentry installation work
45421100 – Installation of doors and windows and related components
45421110 – Installation of door and window frames
45421112 – Installation of window frames
45421130 – Installation of doors and windows
45421132 – Installation of windows
45421140 – Installation of metal joinery except doors and windows
45431100 – Floor-tiling work
45432100 – Floor laying and covering work
45432110 – Floor-laying work
45432111 – Laying work of flexible floor coverings
45432113 – Parquet flooring
45432114 – Wood flooring work
45432130 – Floor-covering work
45432200 – Wall-covering and wall-papering work
45442100 – Painting work
45450000 – Other building completion work
45454100 – Restoration work
50000000 – Repair and maintenance services
50410000 – Repair and maintenance services of measuring, testing and checking apparatus
90650000 – Asbestos removal services
90733000 – Services related to water pollution
90733900 – Groundwater pollution treatment or rehabilitation