Passenger Transport Services Dynamic Purchasing System - Halton Council

Ref DN280991
Published date 22 November 2019
Expression of Interest closing date 31 August 2021
Passenger Transport Services Dynamic Purchasing System - Halton Council

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Halton Borough Council’s Transport Co-ordination Section provides Passenger Transport Services for many Vulnerable Passengers of Halton.

These Vulnerable Passengers include Children with Special Educational Needs, Children under the age of 16 requiring transport to school, Looked After Children or Adults with Learning or Physical Disabilities, as well as our increasing number of elderly residents.

The Council has previously procured all of its Passenger Transport Contracts via a Framework contract, this is to be replaced with a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), which ensures fair, transparent and non-discriminatory competition to potential suppliers who pass the exclusion criteria and meet the selection criteria as published.

Estimated contract date

End date:  31/08/2021

Buyer:  Halton Borough Council
Contact:  Julie Leong
Telephone:  0303 333 4300
Address:  Kingsway House, Widnes WA8 7EA