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Step one - Basic Details

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Step two - Your Annual Membership Fee

Based on the details provided, your membership fee will be: £ + VAT

Step three - Company Contact Details

Here you can enter the contact details for the business, please don't enter any details for individual employees in this step.

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Step five - Free Business Directory Listing

St Helens Chamber publishes an online business directory of Members.
Entry into this directory is completely free for Members and is an excellent opportunity to promote your business.

If, as part of your listing, you would like to offer a discount to other Chamber Members on your products or services, please describe your discount below.

Step six - Agreement
How we use your data

Your data will be recorded on a Custom Relationship Management System and will be used to keep you informed of events and services offered by the Chamber and carry out market research. From time-to-time third party organisations may approach the Chamber for information on our Members.

Occasionally we may supply business referral lists to third party organisations.

As part of our affiliation of the British Chambers of Commerce we conduct a number of surveys each year on key business issues. This research allows us to present an informed case when lobbying key decision makers on your behalf.

Based on the details provided, your membership fee will be: £ + VAT

Step seven - Payment

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