Why Export?
Today, improvements in finance, market knowledge, and communications technology have dramatically increased business access to markets worldwide. Many business studies have shown that companies that export are more likely to be profitable, spread their risk, and grow faster.  Exporting is good for your bottom line.
Exporting is also about understanding what is going on with your product or service in the global village. One day a foreign company may come into your only market with a newer, better and possibly cheaper product to replace yours. Even one trip a year to a carefully selected International Trade fair will enable you to find your otherwise unknown competitors, see how they are developing their products, and what the price point is.
St Helens Chamber can help you start your Export journey. Our services are:
Export Readiness Services

  • Assessment – help to work out if exporting is right for you
  • Seminars – to learn more about overseas markets
  • Overseas Market Intelligence
  • Insurance and Risk Management

Export Finance Services

  • Access to Export Finance
  • Foreign Currency
  • Export Finance Training
  • Payment Methods

Getting Goods to Market: Export Documents

  • Trade documents including EC & Arab/British certificates of origin, EUR1, ATR, e-Cert and shipping documentation.

Market Access Services and International Sales and Marketing Services

  • Distribution Channels – practical advice on using Agents and Distributors
  • Trade Missions and Trade Shows
  • Market Access Support – learn more about overseas markets
  • Marketing Overseas
  • Translation Services
  • Logistics – assistance to identify logistics providers
  • Legal and Accounting Services

 For more information about Exporting contact Janet Fairclough on 01744 742015 or email