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In conjunction with leading energy consultancy, Inspired Energy, we have developed Chamber Utilities - specifically for Members to get the most competitive rates for your business’ utilities.

All St Helens Chamber Members are entitled to a free energy health-check and this can be used to find the most competitive rates in the market, or to confirm that you are already on the best value contracts for your business’ utilities.

Chamber Utilities provides a simple four step process:

  1. You agree for Chamber Utilities to help and give them a Letter of Authority. This does not tie you into Chamber Utilities’ services and they will do the work for you under no obligation or commitment
  2. Chamber Utilities will contact your current supplier to obtain the relevant information required to conduct a full market comparison with all reputable suppliers
  3. Chamber Utilities will be in touch with their independent and professional recommendations from the bespoke market comparison. It’s then up to you to decide on what works best for your business. Chamber Utilities can lighten your admin burden, processing the contract with the desired supplier and resolving any issues for your business
  4. When you're due for renewal Chamber Utilities will get in touch with you ready to secure the most competitive deal

Energy intensive businesses can also benefit from a retrospective auditing service. Chamber Utilities will look at the past 6 years’ worth of utility bills for errors/anomalies, checking that you have not been charged incorrectly. If you have, they can claim the money back for you!

Go Green!
If you are interested in running your business on ‘green’ energy, Members can access exclusive prices for 100% renewably sourced contracts. Chamber Utilities can also look for additional ways to add value such as multi-site management solutions, efficiency measures, LED lighting and renewable projects where appropriate.

To find out more contact the Membership team on 01744 742125 or email 

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