Chamber Mediation

In conjunction with Mediatelegal, we have developed Chamber Mediation, providing Members with access to discounted mediation fees for civil, commercial and workplace disputes.

Who are Mediatelegal?

Based in Liverpool, Mediatelegal is a panel of expert mediators. It is the only mediation provider locally to be accredited by both the Ministry of Justice, and also by the Civil Mediation Council. Its mediators bring together a wealth of experience and are located across England.

What is mediation?

Bringing or defending a dispute through the court or tribunal process can be extremely expensive and time consuming. A report by the World Bank found that it takes 437 days to bring a commercial legal dispute through to enforcing a court judgment. At the same time employment cases at tribunal have increased by over 60% since tribunal fees were deemed unlawful in 2017.

Mediation is alternative way of resolving disputes without going to court or tribunal. Mediation usually lasts for no more than 1 day and can be arranged within 24 hours. It is significantly less expensive and time consuming that formal legal proceedings. Importantly, it is entirely without prejudice, meaning that commercial reputations can be protected, and parties can speak honestly in a confidential environment.

During a mediation the mediator will use their skills to help the focus on what solutions can be agreed between them. In this way it is a lot more flexible than the courts or tribunals. The mediator won’t make a judgment, instead the parties will create their own bespoke solution.


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How to access Chamber Mediation

Most disputes involve monies owed. If you are owed money you can download a template letter before action For Businesses or  For Sole Traders. All you have to do is update the template letter with details of the dispute and send it to the other party. To request an editable version of these templates please email

The letters serve as a formal letter of claim as well as a formal invitation to attend mediation. The letter invites the other party to contact Mediatelegal to discuss the mediation offer.

For more information please contact the Membership team on 01744 742125 or email

*Email for your letter template

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