Merseyside Jobs and Growth Fund

Are you an established business looking to expand and grow?


The Merseyside Jobs and Growth Fund is managed by St Helens Chamber and provides grants for established businesses planning to expand or invest in the Liverpool City Region (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and Wirral), creating new jobs for local people.

Funded through the Regional Growth Fund, grants of up to £75,000 are available to provide investment for growth when suitable finance is not available elsewhere. Grants are available for a range of capital projects that will create new employment opportunities, such as purchasing new premises, expanding current premises or capital expenditure on plant and machinery.

How does it work?

The Merseyside Jobs & Growth Fund aims to support businesses create new jobs in Merseyside and Halton. Businesses can apply for grants of up to 20% of their total project value. Eligible projects should have a minimum net value of £30,000. There is no upper limit to the project value but the maximum award is £75,000 and the “cost per job” should be approximately £6,000 of grant for each new or safeguarded job. For example:

Project value: £30,000 - Grant available: £6,000 - At least 1 job created or safeguarded

Project value: £375,000 and above - Grant available: £75,000 - Approximately 12 jobs created or safeguarded

For grants over £75,000 please visit the Merseyside Special Investment Fund.

How have other businesses benefited?

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How to apply

If your business employs less than 250 people and is planning a capital expenditure project which will lead to the creation of jobs please complete the Expression of Interest form and email it to Geoff Bates at St Helens Chamber.

Once your completed EoI form has been evaluated you will be contacted by Geoff or one of his team who will talk through your plans and how to put your grant application together. The application pack will then be emailed to you for completion.

Whilst a certain amount of information is required to asses each case, we recognise the demands on your time and have worked hard to keep the application form and process itself as simple and straightforward as possible.

Grant applications will consider the following factors:

  • Location
  • No prior start. Funding is only available for projects that have not yet started.
  • Business Sector (Funding is not available to certain sectors including agriculture, coal, steel, defence, automotive production, shipbuilding, establishments providing school age education, retail businesses, charitable organisations, social enterprises or not for profit businesses)
  • The need for grant support
  • Eligibility of the project for grant support (Nature of the proposed expenditure)
  • Job creation
  • Business performance
  • Project deliverability
  • Project costs and funding

For more information contact Geoff Bates or Karen Tate at St Helens Chamber on 01744 742087 / 01744 742043 or email