Become a Business Mentor

Can you spare up to one hour per week (for a maximum of 6 weeks) to mentor a new business owner? If you would like to help improve your local business community and have a strong business background then mentoring could be for you!

St Helens Chamber is looking for volunteer mentors from across Merseyside to help support local people in the early stages of starting a business.

Who would make an ideal mentor?
We are looking for friendly, committed business people who can give up a small amount of their time to support new entrepreneurs who have a great business idea that needs unlocking and developing. The role is potentially very rewarding and will make a huge difference to the local economy.

What will you do as a Mentor?
As a volunteer Mentor you will meet with people in the early stages of starting a business to provide encouragement and guidance about their business idea and help them to develop a business plan. Making a good start for a new business is essential, this will enable them to hit the ground running with a viable, sustainable offer.

How does it work?
After an initial introduction, you meet once a week for approximately an hour, this lasts for a maximum of six weeks (usually four or five meetings). The meetings take place at a mutually convenient location and at a time that fits with your busy schedule. During each session you will check on the progress of the business plan and provide feedback. You will also give advice and guidance and answer any questions that they may have. Don’t worry, if you are concerned that you might not have all the answers. We can provide the support of over 150 mentors who can help as well as Chamber members and staff.

Who are we trying to help and what do they need?
Your mentee will have some experience and skills but may lack the confidence to know what to do next. Above all they need someone to give them guidance about how to get started on the journey into self-employment and encourage them along the way.

The role of the Chamber
St Helens Chamber operates across Merseyside and Halton to manage the mentoring process and will provide you with all the training and information that you need to be a volunteer mentor. All you need to do is turn up for the sessions we will do the rest.

The Chamber will pre-screen people before you meet with them to ensure that they have a reasonable business idea in place and are committed to taking it forward.

For more information please contact St Helens Chamber on 01744 742089 or email

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