Why should I offer Apprenticeships?

All businesses need a good, motivated workforce; but finding affordable, hard working staff who are willing to learn can be a challenge.

Apprenticeships are no longer restricted to traditional trades such as building and engineering, they can now be delivered in areas such as IT and Marketing. Apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. They also receive training from the Chamber to work towards nationally recognised qualifications - almost all training takes place at work so you don’t lose people to ‘day release’.

Apprenticeships make a valuable contribution to your business by enabling you to recruit and train new employees or train your existing staff.

How can the Chamber help with recruiting an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships have changed to suit the needs of modern businesses and St Helens Chamber is able to provide business-ready young people.

Our close relationship with local businesses means we understand the skills and attributes that businesses are looking for and we make sure that any young person looking to be employed as an Apprentice has the skills you need.

All of our younger Apprenticeship applicants complete an induction period at the Chamber before they are sent to you for interview, to make sure that they are ready for the workplace and have the necessary communication and teamwork skills.

We also take the cost and hassle out of the recruitment process by providing you with a shortlist of young people for interview who meet your requirements.

Apprenticeships for your existing employees

Apprenticeships are available for all employees aged 16 and upwards, so if you already employ someone who could benefit from our training, as well as gaining a nationally recognised qualification, then consider an Apprenticeship for them.


Our Apprenticeship recruitment services and training are fully-funded so can save your business significant amounts of money on developing your workforce.

There are often grants available for eligible businesses recruiting an Apprentice aged 16-24 (subject to availability of funding).

Still not sure if an Apprentice is right for your business?

If you’re still not certain an Apprentice is right for you we can provide potential Apprentices to your business as a work placement. This way you will be able to see the quality, skill and enthusiasm that an Apprentice can bring, without committing to employing them full time straight away.

We are currently delivering Apprenticeships in:

Business Administration
Business Improvement Techniques
Customer Service
Health and Social Care
Information Technology
Management/ Team Leading
Performing Manufacturing Operations
All training is delivered in the workplace by our advisers who use a range of assessment methods. They visit students every three weeks to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

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