Traineeship Incentives for Employers

New Government incentives have come into place, giving employers the opportunity to benefit from a young person’s fresh ideas and insights while helping them to develop their skills.

Employers can get £1,000 when they take on an eligible Traineeship student for a work experience placement. Employers can make up to 10 placements, so can claim up to £10,000 to cover any costs incurred when creating the placement.

This incentive is now live, but only until 31st July 2021!

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How does the funding work?

  • Payments will be paid directly to the employer and will be paid on successful completion of the placement.
  • Employers can backdate work experience starts from September 2020.
  • Any trainees you take on must not have already been employed by you, and they must complete the full placement or progress into an Apprenticeship for you to receive funding.

To find out more about eligibility requirements, please email us on

How can St Helens Chamber help?

St Helens Chamber can help you access this funding and match you to talented young people from our pool of Traineeship students, based across St Helens and Liverpool.

We can also help you access further funding should you choose to keep the trainee on (up to £3,000!)

To find out more, contact us on to discuss your placement further.

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