Training Needs Analysis

Our FREE Training Needs Analysis service will provide you with a concise report on any skills gaps in your workforce and recommend a programme of training that will help to fill these gaps and drive your business forward.
Developing your workforce will:

  • Increase your profits
  • Boost competitiveness through higher productivity
  • Improve customer service standards
  • Increase commitment and loyalty
  • Strengthen motivation and job satisfaction
  • Reduce management and supervision costs
  • Minimise employee turnover and recruitment costs
  • Keep pace with the latest knowledge and working practices

Discover what training your company can benefit from.
St Helens Chamber Business School offers a free “business skills health check” service to help you discover exactly how we can help your company.
If you would like to speak to our specialist workforce development advisers about how we can help, call 01744 742333 or email