St Helens Chamber provides expert advice and support for local businesses. If you are looking to grow your business we can support you to access to finance and business grants, find new business opportunities and reach new markets. We offer a range of exclusive Membership benefits and services, all designed to help you save time and money.

Our training and employment services can help recruit the right staff and train your current workforce to get the most out of your people.
To find out more about how St Helens Chamber can help you,
call us now on 01744 742000 or complete the enquiry form
To find out more about how St Helens Chamber can help you,
call us now on 01744 742000 or complete the enquiry form

Member Benefits


  • “The insight we got from the programme has made us re-evaluate the whole business. We’ve been able to take stock of what we actually do by breaking down how we see the business then building it back up from the foundations. It’s given us renewed confidence in the business. Although we had custom we were at a bit of a standstill and didn’t know what to do next. Now we can go to the next level.”

    Hughie Brennan, Retro Chimps

  • “St Helens Chamber have been great and the support I have received has continued to meet the high expectations I have of the Chamber as a whole. The Business Growth Programme is just one part of a range of excellent services.

    “Programmes like this are the reason that the Chamber has recently received the Chamber of the year award. I would definitely recommend the programme to other businesses looking to grow.”

    Greg Colley, Suave Aerial Photography

  • "The Enterprise Greenhouse was ideal for a start up business. Nearly five years here has allowed us to work in a professional setting with the added benefit of what's included in the lease like furniture, IT etc."

    Iain Jennions - Jennions Macken Ltd.

  • “What I found really useful was that we were able to get to know companies before the event via social media, using the event hashtag and even taking that forward and linking to them on LinkedIn.

    “Before I’d even got there I’d had discussions with people on the stands near me, it was nice to put faces to names and develop relationships via social media before the event. It was nice to feel we already knew the people around us.”

    Claire Birks, 4 Corners Design

Member Benefits

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