Joining the Chamber Board

The Chamber’s Board of Directors is comprised of both private sector and public sector representatives, working together to provide strategic direction and oversee governance of the Chamber’s activities in order to deliver our mission  “To be an inspiring social enterprise creating opportunity and success in our community”.
The Chamber is a unique organisation delivering a diverse range of support on behalf of our Members, representing your views, lobbying on your behalf and delivering business support and training services.  Board Members play a key role in ensuring these services are the ones which will best support the local economy and meet the needs of local businesses and the local workforce.  Our current Board Members bring a wide range of skills and experience to the Board and represent both large and smaller companies within the Borough.
The composition of our Board, and the key role Board Members play in strategic planning, ensures that our strategy is focused on the need of St Helens, its businesses and people.  Ten of the Board are private sector Chamber members appointed by the Nominations Committee to be non-executive Directors.
Five of the Board are partners/public sector non-executive Directors who have been appointed by the private sector Directors.  The Chief Executive is an executive Director.  This results in a Board that is private sector led but benefits from representation from the public sector.
The Chamber Board meets every two months with their specific duties including:-

  • Regular reviews of the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board approves a fully costed three-year Strategic Plan which is regularly updated.
  • Approval of the vision as a key part of the Strategic Plan. Achieving the vision would significantly improve the economy in which they operate, and our Board and Members therefore see the wider benefits of our work.
  • Approval of the organisation’s annual budget and reviews of financial and operational performance.
  • Ensuring that the Chamber acts within the law and within our Articles of Association.

A number of Board Sub Groups enable Board Members to work more closely with the Senior Management Team to ensure the Chamber’s activities meet local needs.  Board Members are invited to join Board Sub Groups according to their skills and interests. Sub Groups generally meet quarterly.
Board Members regularly attend Chamber events and support activities such as new business mentoring and work experience.
Members of the Chamber are welcome to contact us to express an interest in joining the Board.
Chamber Members may nominate themselves if they are:-

  • a senior person at local level of a private sector Member;
  • a private sector Member who is a sole trader; or
  • one of the partners of a private sector Member who is a partnership.

Every nomination will be considered by the Nominations Committee.
Director’s are appointed for an initial term of three years.  After three years they can nominate themselves for a second term of three years.  After holding office as a Director for six consecutive years a Director must retire and wouldn’t be eligible for re-election for a further period of one year.
All new Board Members are provided with an induction by the Chief Executive and the Company Secretary so that they understand their responsibilities and duties as Directors, and gain an overview of the activities and services of the Chamber.
Any Member who wishes to nominate themselves to become a Director of the Chamber should contact Clare Gravener, the Company Secretary at or 01744 742066
or post to
Clare Gravener
St Helens Chamber Ltd, Salisbury Street, Off Chalon Way, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1FY